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Folarin (Screwed by DJFresha) - Wale

by Wale

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The same old nigga since day one Sharp as a ginzu though my tennis shoes Ray Guns Raise up your glass, puff and pass for they hating ass W's on my mind, peep what I'm getting at Attire proper, Bryce Harper though slightly darker From where the drivers forgotten, you get blocka for parkas Ronald’s was poppin, they be wildin' for posites Shorty from Waldorf say Wale don't stop up your progress It's not a problem, little mama, only a part of me polished I get inside her head and promptly get Kylie Minoguing Slick mouth, nigga, legendary with lyrics And never let up, keep one leg up, nigga Kerry Kittles It's very simple, I'm in it so now you never winning And I'm up about fifty effortlessly, nigga, check the ticker Fuck a nigga, hate a hater, that’s just how I’m living And I'm playin' ball with a chess board, nigga; Bobby Fischer And it's hard to be focused going around all these women I tell her I'm much deeper, that don't mean I'm much different More like the writing, Iceberg Slim with better diction She let me hit her in the gut, feel it like premonitions Wooh, you know I'm feeling myself Tell these niggas Folarin back on my way to that belt By the way of the beltway, where they hatin' too much When niggas dirty, thirsty, hungry they subjects to lunch Right? But at least we see that's the problem being not on I aspire for well-off, y'all aspire for well-known Not no LeBron, but I'm cool with being Jamal Cross, somebody falling, don't keep reaching, let me just ball Just ball with these groupies, been tired of these niggas They ain't seeing me stunting, like a tint-job on a Bentley Your annual is my rent fee, been playing it cool, don't tempt me Fuck that, but nah, I take 'em out to lunch, I'm a cannibal to these emcees Ever so gluttonous, miss me with that sucker shit Tatted out with angels Since I pray I don't get caught up in this game, nigga Not a chance, nigga About a dollar so they hollering I changed, nigga Same lyrics, just the stage different Sneakerman Daniel san, we still crane kick 'em Tell the haters better raincheck me One call to clean them up, still hang with made niggas
[Verse 1: Rick Ross] Don't say on the beat what you won't say in the streets Cause face to face niggas never said it to me I came here to eat every way to the bone Never put mama on hold up whenever she call I follow the law, shine bright illuminated Got niggas in black hoodies homicide celebrated Folarin on raw, you other nerds stepped on In my German couture, the Nation of Islam Forgive me, I'm flawed, the dollar signs is all I saw I knew once I got a Beamer, the bitches would come aboard I pray to the Lord as I'm holding on the sword And off with your niggas' heads if you come between me and tomorrow Nike, and I upgraded the Ree's Real checks is all a nigga sees So watch where you step and love what you rep And realize that today is just another test Say bye to the boy [Hook: Aaron Wess] This crazy world Is all I know The cars and clothes It's all for show So let's start the show Let's start the show Let's start the show Let's start the show [Verse 2: Wale] And I'm feeling like the world's at my neck When your revenue's sufficient you just work for respect Every verse, every breath, your dollar woes is adios Minus the arrogance, my these coons' is maricons Not even close to touching us, what the fuck is up? Heroes turn to clockers and sellers turn into customers All my money coming in plural far as the women love All my bunnies outta this world like Captain Bucky O Hair to the small of her back Probably just wanted a nigga stashed And tell me that it ain't cause of rap And I got plans, homie, calling her back The ones who never hear back My type of ho like a (?) text And I brought Virginia, the District, as well as Maryland back But I must have done it all with Rey Mysterio's hat I put my soul in the culture, but what is it giving me back? Has your niggas mind erased, don't let your memory lapse, boy [Hook] [Verse 3: Wale] Upper echelon spitting, what the fuck is up? I'm hospitable, blowing on that medical And I wish that Channel 2 would give a nigga better news But everybody hanging with us rarely ever knew us Forever rude hoes, I don't ever need Can't stimulate me mentally, then we should never be However we can meet, it's something from you I need It's something about women I don't need I'll forever fiend for, even if a nigga team's full They riding with the styles and that's word to Team Wolf You know the team'll do it, cause the team is raw Don't know your lady's cleaners, but I'm in her jeans as much Back for her feature that angry Willy when I be busy Before I hit it they was selling me "wire over sixty" Racks for a rap, racks for a rap Now I see the same niggas charging for a dap [Hook]
[Wale] To be honest they trippin' off little change Rhymin' remarkable not cognizant of shade nigga Bright-minded, outfit sharp as hindsight is Hoes open to him, I ain't talkin' Sean ??? [Chinx Drugs] Grain grippin', stain drippin', nigga shoulder leanin' Got your main bitch with me and she ain't complainin' Shawty what your aim is, young rich and famous Never payin' for the pussy, niggas makin' payments [Wale] Bitch, I'm ballin' on the court like a fuckin' plaintiff Any PYT, a thrill like human nature You have to get your cake up, you have to get your weight up I rapture any time, you cats need a Baker [Chinx Drugs] I'm from them blocks where they hustle just to get the cake up For the money I be shakin' like Anita Baker Chinx Drugs I done blew up like a minefield These niggas bet I lose, 'ey check side deal [Wale] I know my mind real, I know my mind ill Came in a lane and made paper off of Seinfeld Enthusiastically curb, know my rap is superb You get clothes off the rack, I make racks off apparel [Chinx Drugs] These niggas actin' like Jack in the stirrer? Niggas jackin' my flow, I'm just jackin' they girl Coke boy stylin' on 'em in my bathroom Like a bad hand in poker, bet they ass fold [Wale] Don't gotta worry, the horny bitches be at my shows No handouts, but my arms strong like Satchmo Rap flow is poetry over mad songs My stats good, I'm backslappin' the stack whoa [Hook] Where the G's at, tell me when to go Tell me where the cheese at, I'm all about the dough Squad like the dream team, all we rock is gold If you really real son, let a nigga know [Wale] Maryland and DC nigga Don't forget the VA nigga Out-of-town, the whole team spillin' Young king with some Queens bitches [Chinx Drugs] Movin' on up, niggas roll up like a locomotive Perseverance be the key, a nigga so devoted Fuck myhaters, talkin' youngin', get your bank up In the clubs poppin' Spade call it Ace Hood [Wale] Fuck a lame, NYC my face good Made this dame give me brain via Facebook Though I met her off it, I don't respect her often Cause I ain't have all these broads when I was in a office [Chinx Drugs] While they was up in college, I was makin' sales When they was in the world, I was readin' mail Fresh off of the strip, they attended Yale All my niggas afloat, so now I'm fit to sail [Wale] Sail, please enunciate Chinx You know the type of stuntin' we do cause fuckin' with bricks Some niggas hate, some niggas not I make these niggas catch a shuttle just to catch the flight [Hook] x2
[Hook: Wale] Get me doe, get me doe Where your hood at nigga, get me doe Get me doe, get me doe My nigga let 'em know where y'all from And tell me where y'all from Hol' up tell me where y'all from in here Tell me where y'all from in here [Verse 1: 2 Chainz] Long hair, I don't give a fuck Last night I prayed that God would make a Bentley truck Get the bucks quick as fuck and I got my semi tucked But if I pull my semi out, Aflac, you better duck Ask me where I'm from I should tell you no lies So many niggas with me you would think I work for Verizon Ok enough with the lyin', you know I'm tougher than iron And everything I do it big I'm talkin' Christopher Wallace So much money on me that it won't fit in my wallets And these are Rock & Republics so it won't fit in my pockets Swagger on a trillion so you divide it by five That mean it still on a billion, survive like Destiny's Child Turnt up, word up, chains hang to my sternum Favorite room is my kitchen, I came up with the yola You know I live for today, and I'mma do it to death I'm so fresh I spell South with a F [Hook] [Break] God damn 1-4 we see y'all in here homes, god damn Hey 106 cool down mane, cool down slim, the fuck man Hey, tell me where y'all from [Verse 2: Wale] Look, motherfuck that other side, motherfuck that other side Shittin' on these niggas must been something in that humble pie Look get me doe, somebody get me doe The broad call me daddy, she call you get me those Ralph doe, up top to the south doe Fuck all of that back talk wherever I go I make the cap go Crack flow without trap doe, still stackin' my racks doe Since old days I got them out the way, like 640 at a back show Waddup MoCo, my old home if you don't know How I ball like number 10, me and lil' Muhammad that 1-4 Get me doe, 40 ? Shout out Mayfair, this city cold, y'all stay fair Word up, chain go for a hundred To a drive-by out in quarters, Bowie State no alumni Bennett park out to Buckhead, in the Chi with some youngins And since J. Wall came to town, I know some cats in Kentucky
[Intro: Wale] Monogamy or whatever you call it I'm starting to think it ain't for everybody Most of us rushing into it anyways, you know what I'm saying You ain't rushing for love, and I ain't up here to judge Let's neglect the what if's and make it do what it does Let's get it [Hook: Tiara Thomas] Is it bad that I never made love, no I never did it But I sure know how to fuck I'll be your bad girl, I'll prove it to you I can't promise that I'll be good to you Cause I had some issues, I won't commit No, not having it But at least I can admit that I'll be bad noooooo to you (to you) Yeah, I'll be good in bed but I'll be bad to you Bad that I never made love, no I never did it But I sure know how to fuck [Verse 1: Wale] Lets get it Bad girls ain't no good, and the good girls ain't no fun And the hood girls want a smart nigga, college girls all want a thug So it seems we fiend for what we don't need Got a thing for a queen who don't wanna leave I'm not bout to judge you, don't judge me You ain't really gotta sing about your rap sheet Cause I heard you (bad nooo) In the literal sense I mean that Rough sex saying I love yah But to kiss them saying you mean that I know I just be calling her mean ass Oh the irony, got the bomb indeed But the problem is it's probably a deep past Still I'm feeling of something I need bad Thinking if I get her, I get her to need this I don't need emotions to open your deep sea I can see the ocean by going between legs Beg, nope, bed, floor, dope Go, for it, couch, now Slow, mo-tion, around, put it down Lord knows she was going for the morn, hold up [Hook] [Verse 2: Wale] Let me tell you about, look She hurt feelings, she break hearts She stay quiet, she play smart She take pride, in going out Getting hollered at, and saying nah She no saint, but she don't pose She don't wear make up by the boat load Riding through lake shore with the nose up She don't really date much but it slows her up She got haters, but we all do Heard you winter time cold, shawty fall through Baby look at they approach how they court you All those minds games nevermind cause they all lose In the physical sense I mean that I ain't tryna kiss up, suck up, feed gas I ain't like them nigga you sucking your teeth at, nope Play big, trust me I'll humble your mean ass, look Shawty is actually in prevent Cause the one in front is working deep threat, yep Bed, floor, couch, more More, shower, Lord, perm Done, love, nah Called in the morning cell number wasn't on, goddamn [Hook]
[Hook: Wale] You'll never fall when you null and void, to their opinions And real niggas gon' see your end 'fore they see your limit Don't be with too many I never came in this business to provide me with friendship I'd probably trade in some millions if I could make a difference I swear to y'all it's hard to shake this feeling [Verse 1: Wale] Naked women at the venue in here for tuition She lying for attention, her clientele is nymphos With the rhymin' I'm more MacGyver than all my rivals I made somethin' out of nothin', I'm nada just like you You damn roight this rap roids, Jose Canseco I meet a wholesome girl, I fuck her and turn her out psycho Psycho killer, M. Bison psycho crush driller Isn't it amazing how I do it though Africa to capital and pop up with a crew of zoles My diversity certainly why I'm recommended I prolly triple my gross in and by every September Music got me feeling like heaven is secular Cuz all the girls that I be with look like angel but thicker Without Lola we out Garfield goin' Odie With rap performance of Forbes got me catchin' up Oprah Passionate poet, can adapt to the camera You see rappin' is showbiz, they some talented actors It be childish to diss 'em, I just fuck all they bitches Most niggas set up a war just to ask for forgiveness Look, only way that we gon' ever speakin' Even in on everything I'm 'bout as loud as middle finger Nah nigga we won't ever speak Cuz niggas tellin' everywhere they deadly with that trigger finger [Hook] [Verse 2: Scarface] Weed smokin' on the tour bus Daydreamin' lookin' out the window just the two of us Another city look at outer space Traveling in dreams while the stars seem to pass away I never knew a love like this one Cell phone ringing and I'm wondering what this bitch wants I take another hit and she gets voicemail I get lost inside of me as I exhale All my niggas in the front, see And shit they never see get any bitch that they could ever want The money's hella cool I miss my family doe The loneliness, this Hennessy's the only antidote It's on to the good turn some jams on Funkadelic bumpin' through the speakers on my headphones "Not just knee-deep" hearin' it through Dre Beats Mesmerize the G as the bassline invades me
[Intro: Wale] Real rap, peel back in the matte black She ain't at where I'm at, send that ass back [Verse 1: Wale] Hoes in the telly on the late night Smoking real good, my eyes late flight She riding now, she tryna tell me where her heart was at I'm like nah, what the face like Yea, I'm a straight shot I'm a thorough nigga but I'm a great guy In a old car, a new paint job My crew ain't the squad, Manute ain't tall Who ain't talking that shit the ballers get with - Ralph All of this shit is scholarship flow, I'm tossing free wisdom I'm aware that my artistry different I'm aware that my heart is by my cuff link Though I'm living a life with a lot of plush things I'm living a life without trusting Yea, too much hate when ya crew hot, too much love get you 2Pac'd Too much bread over here get you stalked by the feds The IRS, and a few broads [Break: Wale] Real rap, peel back in the matte black She ain't at where I'm at, send that ass back I'mma tell you where these guys staying, where they at Them niggas ain't fly, they can't rap [Hook: Wale] Yup yup, can a nigga flow Yup yup, got a million hoes Yup yup, when a nigga step out in a pair of what's those Yup yup, all the niggas go Yup yup, at a nigga show Live bitches at a nigga show Yup yup, when a nigga step out in a pair of what's those Yup yup, all the bitches go [Verse 2: Nipsey Hu$$le] Yop yop, nigga getting rich Yop yop, nigga bought a Six Yop, I, bought a spot on the top floor And my view from the living room, it go off shore Yea, yop yop, nigga on his tip Yop yop, nigga never slip Nah, hold up, wait a minute with that homie shit I was on my grind, you ain't never loan me shit I was on a mission, nigga you ain't never load a clip Hold up, you remind me of my old bitch Hold up, why you always on that ho shit Man hold up, got me talking 'bout some old shit So I get back to the money, say I'm acting funny Face everywhere, thank God I ain't ugly See him in the mirror, they say God is above me In a Porsche Panamera, smoking weed, getting skully Yop, so come get me if you want me Me and my buddy, leave shit real bloody Yellow tape on the beat, it's no wonder why they love me [Hook] [Verse 3: Wale] It's a whole lotta 'Gnac, not a lot to chase And the hoes in the back, they ain't tryna wait She open thighs and I'm close-minded This is Cashmere Thoughts meets North Face This is Iceberg Slim with some more game This is Martin Payne, niggas Pam James That's a damn shame, niggas without game Call them all the time, I call 'em any name I am highly respected amongst young dames Rolling up sour, bumping Sweet James Jones G thing made G's, speaking G code On fire, make a riot be a free show Beat a beat up, get a couple knots I am nothing like these muthafuckin' other guys Them PR's sitting hard with them number nines In the fall, they be talking that the summer's mine [Bridge] + [Hook]
[Intro] Paint that picture real quick That public school bullshit I went through or whatever if you want to call it Understand where I'm coming from School daze in this mother fucker [Verse 1] Vick and Muhammad told me ride on these niggas I told them stop it, that's a problem cuz I fathered these niggas You see a lot of these niggas, is the spawn of my vision They got rich up off my image, what they gonna do when I switch it I got bitches on bitches, cuz my penmanship pimpin' Fuck a pen man my mind is a palette, fuck around turn a track to a picture Hol' up, this art class for them trap dudes and react to it I was out there when them packs moved, but never got to it cuz I had school That's a fact too, my class full when I had to No gym class for your bitch ass, you can get cut up with a number 2 Come through with that gun, too. How a rap nigga make me uncomfortable? Nigga wouldn't believe it only me and a teacher Up in woodshop class without a tool Just another nigga with an attitude, slingin' adderall to a lad or two Couple blacks and latins, I was astronaut Then when the spaceman jump man I need the loot Short bus on the way to school, hoes puttin' this game to lose, but I came to won Went to school with some cold-blood niggas, I ain't finna be scared of y'all, god damn [Hook] A few shinin' stars know exactly who you are Be your shinin' star [Verse 2] Every intention to ride on these niggas Eatin' free lunch Monday through Friday just like all of these niggas But I ain't tryna grow up like all of these niggas But I ain't tryna be in wars with all of these niggas I'mma blend in, I'mma get in where I fit in, I'mma do me See some white kids in the hallway, they get all A's but they do E Truthfully, as far as shootin' fouls I was 2 and 3 My record tho, they respect it tho Cuz them group-home niggas was just too deep And we was two deep, and it's a big difference Niggas talkin' bout bullies I saw children on dippers Mothers is strippers, trouble was frequent Survival of the fittest, weaklings don't make it a weekend And to think these rappers still tryna scare somebody Still never hit a body, wrote a million songs about it And meanwhile I'm the shit like a fully-functioning somersaulting porta-potty 'Til I'm off to college School daze [Hook]
[Hook] Upper body, might work for that But you ain't a model where your focus at Know too many broads, going way too hard So have a glass of water for your thirsty ass Like that, your thirsty ass Know it's a problem and we notice that You be goin' too hard and never know when to stop Have a glass of water for your thirsty ass Like that, your thirsty ass Know it's a problem and we notice that You be goin' too hard and never know when to stop Have a glass of water for your thirsty ass Like that [Verse 1] She got Instagram, niggas in town prolly been through that So the niggas from outta get the pics from out her Niggas clickin' they mouses she give a clip in them It's like that, broad thick as shit On the real though I'd prolly do some shit to it But every nigga I follow prolly been through it For every dirty dog there lies a thirsty bitch It's like that, and I ain't perfect miss But to be modest, I am worth a bit Got a son with no father, ain't got no one to watch her Only care 'bout the comments sittin' under the pic It's like that, such a narcissist They don't acknowledge 'til she blog her tits Can't get any more out her even that equip But still make it a problem when I ask to hit [Hook] [Verse 2] He on Instagram, followin' broads that never follow him Take a pic of the watch, it might get him some box But what she won't find out, it don't belong to him It's like that, with all his kicks In the club with some bottles and like all his pics We applaud it yeah, you a boss for real But it's easy to cop livin' in mama's crib It's like that, on a thirst for it Prolly show you his closet, never show you a crib Yeah the thirst is real, get to twitter and get on every girl in it It's like that, type of nigga is you I'm the type that ain't trippin' cuz I be gettin' the loot Like I'm already groomed, when I come to the room Talkin' yellow and bare, my nigga Winnie the Pooh Tryna build me a pool, tryna give me a chick Tryna see what to do, tryna kick it a bit Tryna take it in steps before you gon' think I know your man Baby have you a sip, it's like that [Hook]
se 1] The nerve of these niggas, they acting like they done already made it Practice make perfect, so practice'll be my mama's maiden These niggas lame and uneducated and constipated What I lay every statement should be the defecation My denim made by respected Asians, I dress amazing My shirt so crazy I get away with some Sketchers Shape-Ups Such a lie for I couldn't get up out these Nike's Number five Tokyo don't even know the price Bitch, we balling like we ain't harvesting for tomorrow We ain't no gangsters, but we gone mob up before we borrow Gold bottles, flow getting me Asiago With braggodacio like Randy Macho Man off the top rope And my slim jim is designated to your lady Now that Benz friend, I'm sliding in that new Mercedes Or whatever her name is, she just likes to get famous And I bet she see the light, know that's Benjamin Franklin [Hook] [Verse 2] Look, is this what you predicted? Look what you becoming It's funny privacy limited though I'm living with comfort How can you really do it? How can you really love it? When women who never loved you is showing you so much of it Real niggas respect me, I ain't switch up my image Real women respect me, they can tell that I listen And little niggas is mad that I'm winning They got opinions, but got no bitches Won't pop a pistol, pop up a midget God bless 'em, my cigar fill with all my stressing Don't own a mirror, but made a million simply reflecting Tell my respecters on Malcom X, I apply the pressure Lucaya closed from a line of row, no lying, go check it And I do this for the culture And I'm hoping I can motivate and do it big as Oprah Word, real nigga shit, you might gone need some help Hit the scene, guillotine, niggas head off theirselves [Hook]
[Hook: French Montana & Wale] You niggas serving up a bad batch, too much bakin' on it Bakin' on it, bakin' on it, bakin' on it… As-salamu alaykum, homie Got it, whip it, lost it, flip it Now a nigga back to ballin' Back to ballin’, back to ballin’, back to ballin’ I ain't even playing, homie Got it , lost it, got it, spent it Got it, now I'm back to ballin' Ballin’ ballin’ ballin’ ballin’ ballin’ ballin’ ballin’ Nigga, I got it, lost it, got it, spent it Got it, now I'm back to ballin' Ballin’ ballin’ ballin’ ballin’ ballin’ ballin’ ballin’ [Verse 1: Wale] Nigga, I seen her, booked her, took her to my hotel, no that's not my problem, Problem, problem, problem Cause I get right to the chicken, Ain't trick with other bitches Don't worry if I never call her Call her, call her, call her (french) [French Montana] Motherfucker, back to ballin' You know my whips is foreign Man, you niggas play the bench and you know my niggas startin' Motherfucka, back to ballin' I'm talking black Ferrari Straight cash made a hundred forty stacks this mornin' I'm talking ten chains, casino life Red bottoms, mosquito bites Bad batch, get your head cracked, Cee-lo dice Motherfucka, back to ballin' Start to finish, you start, I finish Bottle after bottle like fuck my kidneys [Hook] [Verse 2: French Montana] Every time we roll up, doors go up, and them panties fallin’ Fallin’ fallin’ fallin’ fallin’ fallin’ fallin’ fallin’ Talk, all my niggas tore up from the floor up And all those whips is foreign Whips is foreign, whips is foreign, them whips is foreign [Wale] Nigga back to ballin' Lil bit like Patrick Johnson Never sold much dope, but I know Some nights I heard that trap was callin' Nigga, back to ballin' KD, Rondo, and Lebronin' Found life is about chasing dreams Don't worry how I got these commas Comas, commas, I'm a, rider Lot of, ganja, e-z wider But I paid five stacks for a garment Leave the cherry up and a high set Hugo boss be the outfit And the pants are never coming off shit [Hook]
Explain [Intro: Wale] Sometimes you gotta give a nigga a little bit of space you know Gotta cool off you know And all I'm saying is like, spoil me with your consistency Always remain the same you and you won't have to worry about a different me Let's get it [Verse 1: Wale] I ain't your boyfriend, we got a understandin' Titles for soap operas, why is you so dramatic Why is you over-exaggerating with all the chatter Slappin' me on my back, hoping that something happen Give me a second or two, that's why I ain't messin' with you Hangin' me on so you can holler domestic abuse See it's time that a nigga rode Things have gone awry and you tryna change a nigga road Never trust a bitch just tryna be a side bitch They just fly enough to out-connive the prior one And it be fine to just get high and let the time run But all that bullshit cryin' got me tryna tell you I'm done [Bridge: Wale] Just give me a second to cool off If you respect me then take a second and cool off Sit and reflect, these imperfections is with us all Wrap up a blunt and we wrap it up when it's - hol' up Give me a second to cool off If you respect me then take a second and cool off Sit and reflect, these imperfections is with us all Light up another and we discuss when it's all gone [Hook: Jhene Aiko] Oh baby Keep it cool cuz I'mma lose it, you gon' lose on my love Oh baby Keep it cool cuz I'mma lose it, you gon' lose on my love [Verse 2: Wale] Nah this ain't no deep shit, this ain't no we shit This is that honesty, that's how it's gotta be shit Gotta say peace to you when you on that weak shit I'm on that see you out in public and don't speak shit You ain't my main joant, we got a understandin' She catchin' feelings and now them feelings is hard to manage She broke up with her man, threw me all in the middle Let's keep it real doe, you probably thinkin' I'd be your pillow Thinkin' I'd be your shoulder, you tell me what's on your temple In turn you givin' me lip our bodies is inconsistent So pardon my starin' but see your body is so prolific A body magnificent make designer she worth expenses And every woman over 20 want a perfect man And 20 something women just want someone understand But as you live and learn, and you love and lose By 40 somethin' you lucky if someone give a damn So we can just enjoy the company of one another And I only answer the phone if it's Warner Brothers Rozay and some others, that mean it's numbers comin' See money talkin' that little box, end of discussion [Bridge] [Hook]
[Verse 1] Stuntin' on these niggas every one of them Ralph Folarin via untouchable double M Genius, no bleachers, floor seat us Dope thoughts, stack guap, every four Adidas Twelve lines that can melt minds when it's hail time That's why these bitches goin' down boy, I should sell sly Lil sly fly nigga, my nigga And this rap shit a circus I only ride for my niggas And I know I use the n-word too much, and the b-word too much I know I seem like I'm lunchin' but let me see I make a dam by taking beavers to lunch Suck your teeth all you want boy, your jawn on my jawn Every nigga with commercial success is getting closer to helping mama go further from them What's the purpose of working if you ain't touchin' the kids What's the purpose of respect if both your mamas in debt Dreamed of video vixens, verses on Drama cassettes Now these ganstas is grillin', although they gotta respect Good in all regions, the strippers say I'm G cuz I tip 'em I'm talkin' G shit, and a nigga on repeatin' the trap Shoutout to NO, on the for real though The ho tellin', card 'em like incidentals And I ain't even playin', this game is so mental You keep talkin' 'bout potential, your career's an intro An outro will keep his mouth closed Just that flow he throw around be sellin' out shows Life crazy, couple statements can buy you Mercedes Quit your hatin' now baby that ain't how God made ya Yeah I get it, want the best for my niggas Few chains, more whips nigga, dominatrix I said that before, but I'm more relevant now than when I said that before When I left after school, a lot said I'd be broke Allah knew I'd be good, so now I'm blessin' the folks Try to stunt on my haters, give these young niggas hope And with this drive I will traffic intellectual dope, you know Aight, keep it goin', keep it goin' fuck it Cause I'm the best with these quotes, don't be respectin' these hoes She in the books, I'm in her head, that's no telepathy though Can't stand it, nigga's famous, they can't mess with me though They need to let that boy cook, I got that recipe, hold up Who not respectin' me, confront me when correctin' me ho You pull a string mattress oh, I make a symphony with foam Orchestrate how I do it, off the top we official Not a opera at all, but I'm in a Phantom with bitches
[Verse 1: Wale (and Travis Porter)] Look, I was ridin' through wherever like my situation better Bet they make demands when they see you makin' money Romanelli custom, make it (buy it) Haters (priceless), a hundred for the butters I don't be with squares ('less I'm sittin' on my luggage) See that's a little different, Damier was a cover (Now won't you tell me somethin' 'bout the joint that you was thumpin' Yeah Ralph you know the girl that always askin' 'bout some money) Yeah, yeah, man cut that talk I ain't ever spendin' nothin' But some gas and some mothafuckin' rubbers Check it on the dash, 120 out speedin' You play phone tag a minute, was tryna see it Told her we can be low, pinot and rollin' weed up (Did you get her on cam?) No brag, but Tarantino Now you know, so we know, told me I can keep it (Well nigga, did you smash?) I smashed (But did you eat it?) My answer: [Hook - Wale] Took her to the room make her bust it wide open Killed that pussy, died with his eyes open Killed that pussy, died with his eyes open Killed that pussy, died with his eyes open Man, took her to the room make her bust it wide open Killed that pussy, died with his eyes open Killed that pussy, died with his eyes open Killed that pussy, died with his eyes open [Verse 2: Travis Porter (and Wale)] Hol' up, wait, chill let it marinate White girl with a booty call it carrot cake Black girl with a booty call it double fudge Brought my nigga along, we havin' double fun Killed that pussy, died with his eyes open Hopped out the pussy fly with my fly open You hopped out the pussy fly with your fly open? With her legs in the sky like the suicides open Suicide doors, suicide whores We all up at the crib (it's a quarter past four) Chillin', (smokin'), drinkin' Like Jay-Z off-key I'm singin' OK I met this girl named Sara Did she pull up in the Panamera? Nah, that's another broad, this another broad (her?) (Little yellow tail, but I ain't hit it raw) [Hook] [Verse 3: Wale (and Travis Porter)] (Waddup bro?) Nothin' much Joe (Tell me about the Brenda you caught up at your last show) She was playin' hittin' hard to get it (I dig it) (You sweat it?) A little, blame it all on the liquor Shit I was so faded couldn't keep my eyes open Playin' eye to eye 'til she poke it out for me Forty-five later she was jumpin' all on me It was on (It was on, then put on for the homie) Ok next time I got ya I just caught in the moment When I bring friends in her friends will get focused Dogs will be dogs, shones will be shonin Kitten call me then it die with eyes open [Hook]
[Intro] We find Clark Kent, Mild mannered reporter for the Daily Planet, Walking the streets From when out of nowhere his super hearing picks up... [Hook x4: Wale] What's your set 'bout Me and my niggas, we flat out [Verse 1: Wale] Told you niggas, "Do not fuck with us" Hope you niggas do not fuck with us You caught feelings cause I caught her attention She caught a flight after I caught a nut, whoa! Shoutout to my brothers, doe Quote me too You goin' make some haters when you love a ho Higher echelon, God bless my soul Profit of my infectious flow Pardon if my vocab ain't good But the school I was in ain't have no books These rap niggas never had me shook I am from a town that is ran by crooks Get the work from out of town for the money and the power Niggas steppin' on the powder like it's athlete foot Know y'all got come get at me first Little nigga better act your worth Understand niggas got to be heard Why the fuck niggas got to be herbs [Hook] [Verse 2: Trinidad James] I usually don't do freestyles Cause my style ain't free, nigga Fresh from head to toe I said fly from the feet up I said, you're looking for a real nigga Bitch, look up and you'll see us You lookin' for your bitch, nigga Don't look up, she with Jesus I said hallelujah, bitch pop the pussy So she raise her hands and pop the pussy I'm with Wale, that's MMG And that Molly make her go woo And that money make me show out My grind wasn't planned out I'm a real nigga, don't do handouts My mama crib my stashhouse In the Yeezy box, nigga oh Lawd Nigga Ziploc and my Concords Tell the Feds I don't give a fuck I'm the man now, I'm the man now And that's D.C. to the A town I said D.C. to the A town And when I flaunt, nigga, that's hands down But in D.C., they say flat out
[Hook: Wale] New Shaq flow Everybody ain't trickin', but they got toast Nigga, we not dope boys, we just ji-dope Without a pot stove, nigga, make that pot roast [Verse 1: Wale] Nigga, I'm a humble nigga Still come through and kick it With the very same niggas that I came through with it A miracle to girls with that lyrical appeal Keep it real, y'all playing like American Apparel J's DS, don't be lacin' them up Y'all be makin' some money, but y'all be makin' shit up Y'all be welling, embellishing, but forever irrelevant They be saying whatever, but when they see me, they suckin' dick It's hard to just love a woman, it's easy to fuck a bitch ?, seeing what Puffy did That's why I be talkin' for every feature and cover appearence Cause when I was hungry, you motherfuckers ain't wanna hear it Grind mode, shorty said that she tryin' go That ex box, ain't talking the gaming console Y'all slow, my shows be all sold In Norway, it's no way you're in Oslo Ridin' with the Buddha, rockin' the Medusa Got a lotta haters, they ain't cool enough to do it Fuck a pistol, got a shooter, I am not thuggin' Your little mixtape cool but nigga, get a budget [Hook: Wale] [Refrain: Wale x4] Turn me up yo Slight work to me [Verse 2: Wale] I put the city on, I kept the city on Shout out to Cool & Dre, made another million We headed to the store, couple packs of the Swisher Fuck a Benz, bag a bitch in a Maxima, chillin' Ain't trickin' if you got it, I'mma get it I ain't sayin' Dick Bavetta, but these niggas not official As I, all these niggas is R's They like giving a cough down to a nigga with SARS Some niggas is real, a lot of niggas is soft Lotta bitches be scarred, so I be sittin' in my car I'm low-key, the most freaks that know me for reason So 'bout that doe cheese, they won't be competing Meaning, it's easy, we M.O.B.ing So much that girls at the bank call me Stevie Wonder, fuck ya, bad motherfucker One man band but Lil' Raz on production Come up in the booth salivating for the supper And I never finished school cause Sallie Mae's just a hustler YEAH [Hook: Wale] [Refrain: Wale x4] [Outro: Wale] Bad bitches in the front Real niggas in the back
[Intro] Whether it's your broad or your niggas Just make sure you know what I'm sayin' You always surround yourself by the right variety [Hook] Those niggas, yo niggas, hope them niggas real as mine Those niggas, yo niggas, hope them niggas real as mine [Verse 1: Wale] And I walk light, like rolled ankles and don't save 'em A couple blunts got me buzzin' like multiple hit singles Rose from out the pavement, assaulted by nature Now these jokers hate me like I posterize a Laker Ok Folarin ain't a house nigga It's real in the field, ain't dealin' with you house niggas Fuck 'em all, fuck 'em all, they all ain't authentic I'm givin' out a few bars, this shit a short sentence Short and simple, be good with your people Be greater with God, know the government lethal I tend to be in tinted vehicles every few evenings But even if my ceiling missing niggas still couldn't see me Ok you fuckin' with the right one Not the type by your side soon as the light come I'm talkin them who got it in when we ain't had nothin' Before I share cake with a snake, I treat myself to crumbs [Hook] [Verse 2: Hit-Boy] I watch niggas speak on niggas like this industry cold So I'm bundled up for winter cuz this industry cold Niggas want to walk in your shoes, but ain't got the soul I'm James Brown with a beat, got the feelin' I'm on So here I stand cuz this money comes with amnesia When you the man understand every fan needs ya Stay out the way Diplo, cuz I'm mad decent When your friends turn foe, angels amass demons But still my halo low, ain't talkin' Anaheim All this time that I sacrifice in the dark alone tryna get that light Be a disappointment if I ain't get right But with his annointment I be on that flight Still findin' hoes that I can bone at night I admit, I be on that hype Thanking God I'm the lord of my own vices Overcharged like the stores still ignore prices Cuz in memories rear view I couldn't ball like this I was the Bulls in '94, I was so mic-less [Hook]
[Verse 1: Wale] Don't do it for money, see that come and it go Get you a couple of cars, bitches love you for those Get some diamonds you can't afford, rhyming is not important Attire gotta be that fire, you tryna become a baller I know Money comes, money stays, money goes Seen a bump in my sale cuz of Forbes Like oh, let 'em know that's how niggas go from that ballin' to 30 for 30 broke And I used to hear the stories of glory of servin' coke But I was more concerned with the corners and cover four Politics give me stress, I got enough on my soul Cuz they don't tell me to pray, but they pray I don't need a vote [Hook: Chrisette Michele] Love stays, money goes, love a nigga rich Love games, funny hoes, on a nigga dick Let me love you though, I ain't like these chicks Lovin' you for your dough, money go quick Love stays, money goes, love a nigga rich Love games, funny hoes, on a nigga dick Let me love you though, I ain't like these chicks Lovin' you for your dough, money goes quick [Verse 2: Wale] Clap clap, as the room praise I go unfazed, these rappers lactate A bunch of real slaves, and fake chains Turnin' my old hoes, into new flames So where is mother nature, tryna kill my complainin' Cuz these strippers give me shade unless it's finna rain Ok dap dap, she doesn't see a star White women gawking asking what that Rolly cost Yeah I know your motives, you'll never know my heart I know enough to know that jewelry got me more regard I had that frozen watch, and I was better fly Had she seen me roadside she'd prolly drive by [Hook] [Bridge: Chrisette Michele] Wale, will you marry me Not for your pedestal, but for your pedigree I'll buy my own diamond things We'll just get custom tattoos instead of wedding rings I'm not like these hoes and I know your heart's been broken This could be your chosen, my heart I'm exposin' [Hook]


The highly new anticipated mixtape from Maybach Music Group's, WALE. Screwed by DJFresha & hosted by DJ Clark Kent, 'Folarin' mixtape boasts features from 2 Chainz, Trinidad James, Jhene Aiko, Rick Ross, Nipsey Hussle and production from the likes of The Beat Billionaire, Jake One, Cardo & more. Follow on twitter @Wale.@DJFresha. Merry Christmas!


released January 11, 2013

Performed by: Wale
Chopped & Screwed by: DJFresha


all rights reserved


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